PDF to Mobi File Conversions For Authors
Let me worry about converting your book file to the format that reviewers & readers want, so you can spend your time writing.
Although PDF files can be read on a variety of Kindle reading applications, the type is tiny & not the same as being able to read it in regular Kindle format.

​​Converting a PDF file to Mobi can be done, but the PDF formatting creates weird glitches like inserting page numbers & titles in the middle of paragraphs, changing font type & size in mid sentence & other things that make the book less enjoyable to read.

​​There are ways to fix that, but they are time consuming & time is money when you are an author.
I can help you with that. Just send me your PDF file & I will convert it to Mobi format & send it back to you.

​​​Special offer:
To help grow my business, I’m offering a 25% discount on the first file conversion for each new author that
hires me to convert a file.

​​If you like my work & recommend me to another author, who hires me to convert a file, the referring author will receive a 10% discount on their next file conversion.

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PDF File Size Cost

0-175kb             $6.50

176-350kb       $13.00

351-525kb       $19.50

526-700kb       $26.00

701-875kb       $32.50

876-1050kb     $39.00

1051-1225kb   $45.50

1226-1400kb   $52.00

1401-1575kb   $58.50

1576-1750kb   $65.00

1751-1925kb   $71.50

1926-2100kb   $78.00

2101-2275kb   $84.50

2276-2450kb   $91.00